October 25, 2006



I am 53 years old and have had bipolar disorder for over 27 years. Years ago I had ect treatments nothing helped or happened. about 2 years ago I had more ECT treatments but it was on a new mechine. A while after that I started having problems. At first I was told I had MS becouse of white matter on left side of brain among other thing.Then Dr. droped me. Then I went to Duke. I was told I had frountallobe changes, from what the Dr. read on MRA. My memory has gotton really bad and just thinking in all. I have ADD but I`ve been doing ok as long as I take my med.s. The one thing I remember is the New ECT put the wires or wire on the frount of my head instead of the sides. Could theECT have any thing to do with what going on with me now? Some Days I don`t even know what day or month where I`m at what I going to do that day and Pain thats getting really bad. I`m seein another Doctor and she is starting all over, Ican`t walk very good bad pain fall alot other things, on top of Bipolar disorder. I``ve just been stable bipolar wise for 5 years. Plus the other Dr. said it was my bipolar med.s that was the reason for what was happaning to me, and wanted me to stop taking my bipolar med.s. Help!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Janice at December 15, 2006 6:24 PM