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Jodiiee -Here are the facts about bipolar ddosrier -Bipolar 1 is characterized by more manic episodes such as impulsive spending or sex grandiose ideas (even thinking you are God like) increased energy with dramatically lessened need for sleep irritability /or violence pressured speaking and thoughtsBipolar 2 is characterized by more depressive episodes with less severe mania (also known as hypomania). Sometimes this depression could seem like Major Depressive Disorder.What you are describing sounds like ultra rapid cycling Bipolar ddosrier, where you cycle from one mood to another several times per day. I am very familiar with this because my son has ultra rapid cycling Bipllar Disorder. You need to get checked out for this now, especially if you have suicidal thoughts. Don't go to a GP because this is too complicated for a GP to handle. You need to see a psychiatrist.Bipolar Disorder is NOT a ddosrier that can be managed by natural herbs or minerals. It can be helped by them, but medication is one of the main ways to get you stable. With meds and some form of regular support (therapy, support groups, counseling), you can learn how to live a healthy and productive life. I also urge you to talk to someone (parents, minster, spouse, or some other adult you trust about your suicidal ideas. They need to be taken very seriously.Get checked out now. Best of luck.Rev Della

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Based on the DSM-IV, severe baoplir depression with psychotic features is not an accurate diagnosis. Bipolar is categorized based on the most recent episode (i.e. manic, depressive, or mixed). The diagnosis is further specified using features (i.e. w/ or w/o psychotic features, catatonic, atypical, etc.). The severity also affects the diagnosis; it can be mild, moderate or severe.Essentially this is the way the diagnosis should look: 296.54 baoplir I, most recent episode depressed, severe with psychotic features.The psychotic features specifies whether or not the person is experiencing (or has experienced) hallucinations or delusions or both. Either they do or they don't.

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