July 13, 2007

Documentary on Childhood Bipolar Disorder in the Works

Beyond Nuclear: Bipolar Children and Their Families is a new documentary looking at the rising issue of bipolar disorder in children, and the effects on the family. The documentary is in the process of being completed; they are continuing to gather expert interviews and personal stories. It is expected to be available later this year.

This an educational documentary which investigates a disorder that is hard diagnose and difficult to treat. It is a thoughtful and in-depth exploration of the real life situations faced by children and their families, told in their own voice. It includes interviews with children, parents, educators, doctors and medical researchers.

Click on the window below To View The Film Trailer (introduction)

The filmmaker decided to take on this project because of his extensive personal experience with bipolar disorder, and his more recent experience with it developing in children. Childhood bipolar disorder was once noted as rare, but is now sometimes referred to as an epidemic, possibly over-diagnosed.

Living with bipolar is deeply personal issue for me. Not only do I have a son, a brother, a sister and grandmother all diagnosed with bipolar, I have also managed my own illness for 25 years. Eight years ago, when my son was diagnosed at age six, we were told that bipolar disorder was exceedingly rare in children. I was later shocked to find out when my son participated in a research study that 45 other children from our area were being recruited for the study. It appeared it wasn't that rare at all. - Dave Barker (Filmmaker)

David Barker attempts to wins more money to complete the documentary in a NY commercial contest: Raising Awareness About Bipolar Disorde


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