September 13, 2007



a day in the life of living with bipolar some people would never make it because it is hard trust me i know i'm 17 and living with it and somedays i dont even think i can make it... thats how hard it is....

Posted by: katherine at September 14, 2007 6:25 AM

My 10 year old son broke down in tears and said, "you don't know what it's like to be me. I'm just very tired and I just want to die". We're on two meds: Trileptal and Vyvanse. Things are looking better, but we still have a long way to go. It's very difficult to be a parent of a bipolar child but it's gotta be harder to be a child living with the illness.

Posted by: jiha at October 15, 2007 2:08 PM

Hello.. It seems since my divorce 12 years ago... my bipolar is even worse esp... given my ex wife doe s not have the slightest ability to understand, she herself has been diagnosed as self centered and an exhibitionist thus keeping kids from me , exacerbating the depression and lonliness

Posted by: charles at October 31, 2007 2:54 PM

Every 3 to 6 weeks my son (now 18, Schizoaffective, bipolar 1 rapid cycling) screams at me that I don't know him and he doesn't even know himself. He wishes he were dead, he hates me, his life and everyone. Then a week or two later I am the "cool mom" and thanks for everything and I am so glad you are here for me.
"A day in the life" in one word......

Posted by: rustysmom at November 1, 2007 6:45 PM

These comments sound very familiar in my life as parenting a bipolar child.

Posted by: Mary Adams at November 13, 2007 10:51 AM

I wake up to a struggle every day, and while I haven't the creativity to write a day in the life, I know it because I live it. There is no grand master plan, just another day of barely scathing by.

Posted by: Rosanna Hunt at January 23, 2008 7:31 PM

You had invited manuscripts for a contest regarding 'Bipolar Disorder' for the year 2007. I wonder whether you have any contests for this year. I had a very nice story written regarding a particular mental condition and unfortunately I missed out on your last year's contest. I live in India.

Posted by: Srijaya char at March 23, 2008 1:34 AM

Here's one for you. Try being bipolar and raising a daughter that is bipolar. I have a ex of 9 years who keeps sicking lawyers on me just because she is wealthy and can do it. She keeps lying to my daughter, coaxing her to move in with her then throws her and all her stuff out in the street leaving my daughter no choice but to move back in with me. Who has time for an essay!?

Posted by: billy, 52 at June 2, 2008 12:41 PM

I was diagnosed as bipolar two years ago after being treated for depression my whole life. Then a year later I found out I had a rare eye disease, there was no cure, most of the vision in my left eye was already gone and the doctor told me to get good long term disability--- I am 27.

Posted by: Chandler at June 3, 2008 11:56 AM

Bi- Polar is not a disease of mantal illness.Something to be treated with some drug because they say it is an impairment of the brain.The expression of some of the symptoms that would cause a concern to people.Such as highs and lows is caused by OPPRESSION OF EXSPRESSION.Most poeple who have the claimed illnes of Bi-Polar.Are pople who are supressed and much embalance not in their brain.But in their enviroment.
a Dr.who drugs up the child for (according to them) behavior problems and does this blindly with no acknowledgement of enviromental situation.CLaiming all problems are based on an inward disease.Is pure ignorance.All of these children are saying the same thing."you do not know me." "you cannot hear me."
Why can't you hear? Our society has grown into a stupor. Mislead,misconditioned.and Drs, say drugs are the answer to all this chaos.Causing more choas.Everyone is claiming everything of emotions is not normal. And if you express it greatly becuase you are oppressed greatly.Your more ill.then Drs.give the answer to everything .Saying what? "DRUGS WILL FIX EVERYTHING." "THEY WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER."
They claim creativity is a symptom of mental illness.Am I not created by a Creator.Is not His creativity by His wisdom.The very expression of Himself expressed in me.So why is it that psychologist can't understand Creativity.Because they have denied their Creator and so you must believe what they believe.Bi-Polar lets look at that word Bi-Polar.Bi- Polar means 2 opposite ends.To deny 2 oppsoite ends in the human make up.Is to deny human reality.and our natural disign.Bi-polar "illness" So they call it.Denies the artistic abilities such as Poetry,just anything creative.
The DSM calling this a book of knowledge to humanity.Which says.Someone who believes in God and they can commune with God .Is in a state of mania being grandios.If they believe they obtain knowledge from a Diety.
Anyone who speaks metaphorically,rythmic,in puns,talkative,changes thought in conversation,is a polymath,(basically obtains much knowledge of many verieties)If you bleieve the world is opressing.If you blame someone else for your opression.So when the person wants to die because they can't find means or escape in their society.Their mentally ill.And according to psychology which they claim because they went to school and learned all these things.They have all truth and knowedge of the human mind.Sounds like a religion to me.People wanting answers.People just wanting not to feel pain anymore.So when people are halusinating when they go off the medication.Or damged from it.By destroying the natural thought process of the brain.They now have a diagnosis of Bi-Polar with schizoprenia.So now they are put on more drugs.People are told its genetic and passed on from the parent. The greater oppressor usually,not always,is the male.So usally .the male over opresses the woman and then the child.So then blaming illness on the mother and carrying it on.So wehn that child learns the opressions and never is rehabilitated.that child brings the same to the next generation.Life is molded by comformity.The power of the spirit of the person.The word of their mouth that people are confomred by,molded and taught.Communication by language of all sorts.Words,body language,emotion/feelings.Everything that is natural.That is taught to be denied.I'm well aware of people suffering from brain damage and deteriation.And much of it can't be denied its caused from drugs.street and pharmicutical.And some birth defects.Many in these postions are giving these psychotic drugs to people who are angry,eccentric,rebellious,ect.Anyone who winds up in jail, a juvanile deliquant,mental institution.Is automatically ill.Given a diagnosis and put on drugs. and psychiatrist deny that nay propblem caused by sin.Rather in you,or you oppressed by it.But psychaitris claim that all problems exist in the abnormality in the brain.Basically they deny our spirit and that everything we do or anybody does.Is not by choice,but we are ruled by our chemicals."AND HUMNITY IS BEING DESTROYED BECAUSE OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE."

Posted by: Prophetess Theresa Lockwood at August 7, 2008 6:19 AM

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