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December 13, 2007

New Book: Soul: The Treasury of Anne-Patrice

We want to announce a short book of poems published recently by Vantage Press, Inc. The book titled, Soul: The Treasury of Anne-Patrice, consists of poetry written by author Anne-Patrice Whaley-Tandy. Whaley-Tandy suffers from bipolar disorder and though her poetry in this book focuses on spirituality, she covers other subjects as well, including poems about her psychiatrist, psychologist and children. Here are a few excerpts:

Nancy, Psychiatrist

Though I've known her just a
I come to her with no fear because
her questions pertain to not just
how are you mentally, but where
your life is leading actually.
. . .
It's difficult because when you are
in a hospital you have new doctors
you don't know at all
so it's important you bond with your doctor as an outpatient
and she with you---
there is so much you travel
together through.

Judith, Psychologist

Once upon a time you're
with someone unlike the rest
. . .
She has fought many years through
the cascade of my tears and never
criticized my wrongs

But led me gently laughing,
to aspire
to let my moral fibrer lead and
not give in to devastation . . .

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