July 1, 2009



I know i do not have paranoid schizophrenia and there is time frame on the diagnosis and a doctor that said this is in the wrong because after him i have had several that say i am not. This is to ruin my career and i ask that someone please give me more information i do not have auditory things and i do not have any problems with anger or that even though they have tried to make it seem that. You dont get this mental disorder at the age of 38 and up . i was hit by a semi and had a cervical fusion in my neck and the doctor that is diagnosed this will not give me all of my records and has not even looked at my medical history only what he has wanted nothing about my accident at all.iam not just saying this to say i am not ill i have gone through alot of things and i even have showed things about harassment to the physican that did this to me. its been to make me get on ssi and i dont want that and my family and this area wants me to do that i do not ever want that. i am smart and i know that as a nurse that they are in the wrong. i can not do anything about this now what they have done to me has messed with my career and finances and i know that most schizo have drug or alcohol problems and i dont drink or smoke or do drugs. i am 45 years old and they are now saying this i have been living alone and i am not on any medication i pay my bills on time i go to church and i have experiened extreme anguish due to things that has happened to me and problems with my neck.

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i like it.

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