October 16, 2009



What Is Bipolar affective disorder?

As men and women, average age of onset, the affected, but 28 of such a child may affect the young and the elderly. About 1 percent of the population considered to have the disease.

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I'm looking for additional information on bipolar with college students

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I'm a student at a competitive university and I have bipolar disorder. I created a blog that caters especially to the newly diagnosed who still want to be high-functioning members of society. We also appreciate posts from older contributors as they have much to share. I want to help provide deeper analysis of our issues than the pithy little tips that most blogs offer. You can find me at http://bipolaratuva.blogspot.com. Thanks and I wish you the best!

Posted by: Montie at December 1, 2011 9:18 AM

My older brother in 1967 was diagnosed at "manic depressive" and he refused help. He was able to manage things when he was working all these years but when it started to get uncontrollable at 56 he quit his job and called it early retirement. Only after his memory deteriorated completely and his behavior became extremely iradict did I remember this diagnosis. This was always his "personality" I had thought but actually it was his "manic-depression" now at 66 he is in extreme finacial problems and blames everything on me his younger sister and again has refused treatment and was finally able to remember because I myself have been extremely ill with severe obstructive sleep apnea. His doctors say they cannot make him get treatment and just call the police

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