October 26, 2009



You know I thought something interesting to look into is the fact that me as a mother have both bipolar disorder and partial personality disorder this makes me wonder if there is some link between mental illness and I have a son born with autism. Seems a little strange ,but could be by just pure luck.

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• The outcome is poor in that repeated episodes are the norm. Patients with bipolar affective disorder have, on average, about 0.4 episodes per year but with a large degree of individual variability. The length of inter-episode euthymia tends to decrease with time. Episodes may occur spontaneously or may be precipitated by the factors described above.

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i am doing a psychology paper on bipolar and have to use the survey method of a scientific method . how do i go about interviewing, and who do i ask these questions to ? anything insight would be very appreciated. thanks

Posted by: s pugg at November 3, 2010 6:27 PM

Since I don’t personally know you or your mom, I don’t know if I can be a lot of help. But I have a few sutegsgions. If you have a friend who already knows how you feel or who you might be able to tell first, you might try talking to your friend and have your friend there when you talk to your mom. Another idea is to look for ideas online; you might find something that sounds right for you. My other suggestion is to write a letter. When I was 17 I was going through some things and I didn’t know how to tell my mom, so I wrote a poem. If writing would be right for you, then just start writing; maybe you could even show her this website and let her know that you feel like you could have Bipolar and that you would like to talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist to try and figure out for sure. Remember, Bipolar and every other mental illness is just that, an illness. Nobody can control it, some people need medication. I try to remind myself that just like people who have diabetes and need medicine, I have Bipolar and need medicine. Don’t ever forget that you are not alone, even celebrities like Demi Lovato have Bipolar. Remember to stay strong.

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