November 5, 2009



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I can't breathe or be, WE stopped my cash

Cheryl LaRae Camarena
569 57 6302
AKA Cherie Lewis Lowe
3140 E. Drexel Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706

On June 01,2010 - I had created a stable environment for myself, seeing a psych doctor, taking prescribed medication for my 2004 diagnosed S.M.I. BiPolar Disorder. My medicare Disability Benefits stopped abruptly, I lost my 1brTrailer & became lost mentally as to How To survive. Now almost 60days later, I & a friend, Larry Fox, and I both received a form package requesting returned in 10 days of this date- of unbreathable @ this time Activities of Daily Living questions. OMG, my nightmare enhances. My hands are numb from my predicament @ this time. My muscles are now shaking. They (SSA) say the reason they cut my benefits is because my mail, important stuff was being sent to my Blind friend, Jim Sinkula in Carlsbad, CA's address - instead of to me here in Tucson, AZ, seeing Doctors, Medicare meds, social security cards. On June 15, I filed an appeal & sent postal change receipts, medical record releases and notes on my distress
etc. to I feel my right to continuity of care has been denied.

PLEASE Help - C.Camarena
(520) 551-9444 leave msg with neighbor

Posted by: Chery LaRae Camarena at August 28, 2010 8:47 AM


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