December 6, 2009



Iam one of the live witnesses of the effectiveness of Seroquel. But I still find it difficult to imagine possibilities of getting this medicine in third world countries like mine. Are there any plans to dispatch the drug to sufferers in poor nations?

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Seroquel XR is reportedly the only medication in its class approved, it is good many of children face this problem, but this days their is a solution for it now...

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What Is Bipolar affective disorder?

Bipolar affective disorder is a high score to abnormal mood fluctuations (mania) and lows from (depression) is a period of stability.


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Teens that is going to have bad and very bad days and probably bad weeks and even months and maybe even a bad year or two and all things being equal, we will have good days and very good days and average days and hopeful days for if we maintain our hope and faith in the future we can get through the present no matter what. That the purpose of boarding schools for problem teenager is to help teens by giving them a chance to change.

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I hope these drugs work, bipolar can be quite a struggle, especially for children.

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It's a very valuable information.Thankful that this drug has been approved for the treatment of bipolar.Good news for all patients having this kind of disorders.

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