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November 12, 2009

Personal Stories about bipolar disorder

I came across an intersting set of Short Stories on the online BBC Health "Secret Life" section. These short clips feature eight people with bipolar disorder who were asked questions about how they first felt when they were diagnosed; their experiences of mania, depression and getting treatment; and whether they'd push a magic button and get rid of the condition if they could. Interestingly, when asked if they could "eliminate their bipolar condition with the magic touch of a button," at least half of them said they wouldn't push that button. Their answers are illuminating and no doubt our readers Read more...
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October 21, 2009

Bring Change 2 Mind Launches today

A new high-profile organization, Bring Change 2 Mind, is being launched today through a series of public service announcements (PSAs). The PSAs address the stigma of Mental Illness and raise awareness of the prevalence of Mental Illness in the U.S.; they are directed by Ron Howard and feature Glenn Close. Glenn Close is working in concert with several leading organizations to create Bring Change 2 Mind. For more information, see Ms. Close has a sister, Jessie, who suffers from bipolar disorder. I must admit that I became a bit emotional when watching a few of the clips available at Read more...
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October 19, 2009

Dramatic increase in bipolar depression and depression in colleges

Following last Friday's post (Initial onset of Bipolar during College years), I heard an interesting NPR story today on "Morning Edition." The story focused on students at Stanford University who are taking the initiative to help educate other students about the prevalence of depression and bipolar depression in colleges across the United States. These students have created theatrical productions which touch upon social issues including the wide prevalence of mental illness on college campuses. Their intended audience: patients who may be reticent to accept or discuss their illness and people in dorm rooms who often unknowingly create hostile environments for Read more...
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September 15, 2008

Childhood Bipolar Disorder Covered in NY Times

There is a good story that starts with one family's experience with childhood bipolar disorder in this week's New York Times magazine. The story chronicles the early life of "James" as he develops the disorder and eventually gets treatment. Using that personal story as a background, the author then digs into the current controversies around the disorder and other families stories. Describing the issue that is around the exact frequency of bipolar disorder in children, the author notes: "A study last fall measured a fortyfold increase in the number of doctor visits between 1994 and 2003 by children and adolescents Read more...
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October 9, 2006

Celebrities with Depression and Bipolar Disorder

The Independent of London (UK) reported this week that the following UK and US celebrities have talked openly about their mental illnesses: 1. Dame Kelly Holmes: Athlete "I became depressed and I cut my self with scissors and stuff." 2. Sinead O'Connor: Musician "I had developed manic depression [bipolar disorder] ... and the main symptoms the constant voice in the head telling you to kill yourself." 3. Hugh Laurie: Actor "It gets on top of me and I get frustrated." 4. Caroline Aherne: Actress "I try to piece together what I did and why I did it, but it's just Read more...
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September 26, 2006

British Actor Stephen Fry Talks About his Bipolar Disorder

Stephen Fry - one of Britain's best-loved actors and comedians, spent years drinking vodka and taking cocaine to numb the internal anguish of his depression. ''I'm actually kind of sobbing and kind of tearing at the walls inside my own brain while my mouth is, you know, wittering away in some amusing fashion,'' he says. The 49-year-old actor has been tormented by mental illness for much of his life. But he has never before spoken of it with such candour. This week for the first time, in a program broadcast on BBC2, he bared his soul. He was first referred Read more...
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July 11, 2006

Speaking Her Mind: Personal Recount of Bipolar Disorder, A 5 Part Series

Orange County reporter and 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist, Valerie Godines, creates a 5 part series about her experiences with Bipolar Disorder. She goes through her psychotic experiences, her desire to get help, and the treatments she endured. Valerie Godines briefly discusses her struggle in this video. Part 1: On Dec. 5, 2004, I killed my Daughter Part 2: Treatment briefly clears the storm clouds Part 3: Will extremem measures work where normal ones haven't? Part 4: The illness is manifesting itself in ugly ways Part 5: Can someone who has lost their mind reclaim her life? The series includes video, Read more...
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July 9, 2005

Son's Mental Disorder Led Mother to Start Group

Charlotte Davis has three sons and one of them was diagnosed with a mental disorder in 1998. Charlotte reacted to her sons disorder by creating a group that provides support to people and their families that are dealing with mental illness. Charlotte Davis joined the Louisville chapter of NAMI, but found that there was little help where she lived. "Davis said the group was helpful, but its activities were focused on mental-health resources on the Louisville side of the Ohio River, so she gathered support for a Southern Indiana version of the group. It was launched in March 2003 and Read more...
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July 4, 2005

Help Through a Support Group

A woman from Lillydale named anonymously as "Christine" says that she found her support group to be the most helpful thing when dealing with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Christine has been going to a support group called GROW for the last eight years and says that it helped her make the most out of her life. The first step was to accept that she had a mental disorder which helped her begin to cope with it. It is hard to start the therapeutic process if one is in denial. Christine states that going to meetings is an important part Read more...
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June 18, 2005

Managing Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Story

Lori, a woman suffering from Bipolar Disorder gives us insight into how she was able to control her illness, instead of letting it control her life. This story is a great source of inspiration and knowledge for those who are currently struggling with Bipolar Disorder, because not only can we learn from other people's mistakes, we can learn from their triumphs. Lori says that she has been able to control her symptoms for the last five months and gives readers the steps that she takes to control her disorder. The number one most important step that Lori has made Read more...
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April 25, 2005

How Mental illnesss hits Multiple Generations

This weekend's Seattle times has an excellent story of how one family was impacted by mental illness in multiple generations; The story talks about how "Carolyn blames many of her family's problems on mental illness. But they could just as easily be blamed on job loss and a depressed economy, on government cutbacks, or the difficulty of accessing what mental-health services remain. She could blame the hospital that didn't think Bryan was sick enough, or the system that allowed him to acquire a handgun with ease. Others might simply blame Bryan. But this story isn't about blame. It's about a Read more...
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April 15, 2005

Bipolar Disorder and Famous

Ophrah Winfrey featured bipolar disorder on her April 5th show featuring TV stars Maurice Benard and Linda Hamilton. Singer/musician Shawn Colvin was also featured on the show and talked about her experiences with depression. Short clips from the show: "Maurice Benard sizzles as Sonny Corinthos, the gorgeous star of ABC's hit soap opera "General Hospital." In real life, the devoted family man has been married to his sweetheart, Paula, for 14 years, and they live a quiet life in Los Angeles with their two daughters. But Maurice's life isn't as picture-perfect as it seems. Every day behind the scenes, Maurice Read more...
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March 30, 2005

The mad world of Princess Leia: Carrie Fisher

There is a good article on Carrier Fisher in this week's National Post of Canada. "Carrie Fisher is curled up inside a Perspex swinging seat that hangs from the ceiling of her cluttered Beverly Hills bedroom. She snuggles into the cushions and slowly rocks to and fro in a sort of trance....Peace reigns. ... Fisher has no qualms about admitting that she has been addicted to a host of drugs. "I took them," she says, "because I wanted to feel as others seemed." She is an alcoholic too, although she insists that alcohol was never her favourite route to oblivion Read more...
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Helping a Bipolar Child

There is an excellent and detailed story outlining the challenges that one family has faced in getting help for their bipolar daughter. Highly recommended for families with children diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A Family's Painful Journey; Quest for Help for Mentally Ill Md. Child Seemingly Has No End "Dawn Rieck sat at the dining room table in her split-level house at Andrews Air Force Base, chain-smoking. She wore a distant yet acute expression, as if she were trying to read the wind. ...At that moment, her middle child, Jessica Marie Caughlin, 11, was not beating her 4-year-old brother or killing Read more...
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March 7, 2005

Iris Chang, Author was Bipolar?

It was revealed today that Iris Chang, renowned author of the bestselling book "The Rape of Nanking" was diagnosed with "brief reactive psychosis" and possibly bipolar disorder, prior to her suicide in Los Gatos, California last year. The Mercury News newspaper of San Jose, California, said today that "Her suicide has made her a symbol for another cause: the fight to end a longstanding stigma against mental illness in Asian-American communities, which leads many people to delay getting treatment and suffer in isolation." The story noted that Iris Chang's parents said Sunday that they wish they had not honored her Read more...
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December 12, 2004

Manic Depression and Art

When Twink looks at the Angel of the North he sees a "fantastic icon for manic depression". To him its grandiose height represents his highs and the shadow it casts his lows. An unusual critique of such an iconic image, but one that has struck a cord with a number of mentally ill people. Twink, formerly the official photographer with the rock band The Jam, is patron of the manic depression fellowship, and along with hundreds of others has his photographs on display on the MadforArts website. Visit the MadforArts web site at: See the full story about this Read more...
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September 27, 2004

Author Sidney Sheldon and Bipolar Disorder

In a September 23rd CBS News show, Julie Chen interviewed Author Sidney Sheldon. Sidney Sheldon won a Tony for co-writing "Redhead," the best musical of 1959. The Oscar came a decade earlier for writing "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer." Despite those achievements, Sheldon is best known for creating the hit situation comedy "I Dream of Jeannie" and for writing a string of sexy best-selling novels, including "The Other Side Of Midnight," "Bloodline" and his latest thriller, "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" Despite his success, he was having many problems - sometimes he was inappropriately and extremely depressed, and other Read more...
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