July 6, 2006

Study Says Obesity, Mood Disorders Linked

A new study reports that Dr. Gregory E. Simon and his colleagues, from the Group Health Cooperative in Seattle, surveyed 9,125 adults across the US from 2001 to 2003 in a national study on mental disorders. They found there is a 25% increased risk in developing mood and anxiety disorders, and a 25% decreased risk for substance abuse in those suffering from obesity. They were questioned about demographics, physical attruibutes like height and weight, as well as psychological/psychiatric disoders (which included substance abuse). 2,330 of the participants matched the criteria for obesity (a Body Mass Index >30), and showed an Read more...
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January 25, 2006

Moderate alcohol use may worsen bipolar illness

Moderate alcohol use may worsen bipolar illness The effect of alcohol consumption on bipolar disorder severity may not be confined to heavy drinkers, say researchers who found adverse effects even for those who drink alcohol at levels consistent with low-risk drinking guidelines. In their study of patients with bipolar I or II disorder, modest levels of alcohol consumption were associated with important measures of bipolar illness severity, including emergency department visits, number of mood episodes, and current symptoms. Benjamon Goldstein, from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, and colleagues therefore stress the importance of "carefully assessing the extent of Read more...
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August 18, 2005

Concurrent Alcohol Abuse: Age of Onset Influences Course

Bipolar disorder often co-occurs with a substance abuse disorder, most commonly alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse in bipolar patients is often associated with a bad outcome for the course of the illness. Researchers decided to look at the age of onset for this co-occuring disorder to see if/how that influenced the course of the illness. The participants in the study were 33 people with bipolar disorder who developed an alcohol abuse problem after their bipolar diagnosis and 27 people whose alcohol abuse problems started before their bipolar disorder diagnosis. There were 83 people with bipolar disorder who did not have an Read more...
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July 1, 2005

Alcohol Abuse Accompanies Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is often accompanied with a substance abuse disorder, very often it is alcohol abuse. Why these two disorders accompany one another has not been well researched, although there are several hypotheses as to why they are co morbid. Five of the most common theories were stated in this clinical update. "(1) "kindling," or the neuronal sensitization created by one condition increasing susceptibility to the other; (2) a common genetic pathway for alcoholism and mood instability, resulting in shared neurochemical pathways that become dysfunctional; (3) long-term substance abuse, which may in fact cause bipolar disorder, although there is no Read more...
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March 1, 2005

200% Higher Bipolar Risk when you use Marijuana

The BBC News reported today on a new research study out of New Zealand that highlights the greatly increased risk of mental illness associated with Marijuana use. While the study seems to focus on schizophrenia, the research literature suggests that there is a broad spectrum of mental illnesses - including bipolar disorder and depression - that are linked to marijuana use. Moreover, research is increasingly suggesting that a number of the genes involved in the development of bipolar disorder, are shared in the development of schizophrenia. "Smoking cannabis virtually doubles the risk of developing mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, researchers Read more...
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