Introduction to the Discussion and Chat Areas..

The Bipolar Focus Discussion and Chat areas are friendly areas for you to meet other people who have been impacted by bipolar disorder (people who have bipolar disorder, as well as family members, husband/wifes, etc.).

The discussion and chat areas are designed as on-line support groups for anyone who wants to share their knowlege and experiences and learn more about bipolar disorder and related issues.

With many registered and active users of these discussion areas you can be sure you'll meet other people dealing with many of the same problems and issues that you are. Many of the members here have ideas or experiences on what treatments or approaches work better than others. We encourage you to join in and share and learn from each other. It operates as an on-line bulletin board where you post your message any time of the day or week, and during the day other people will read and post responses to your message. Then you can visit here again later (usually a few days later) and read and post more messages.

To allow the discussion area software to work properly you must register as a member (and accept the software "cookie" that allows it to show you only the new messages when you sign on each time). The information you provide (name, etc.) does not have to be your real name - in fact for anonymity and freedom to discuss sensitive issues we encourage you to use a name you've made up.

If you choose not to register you can still read the messages (but not post your own messages).

You can always go by an change the personal information you've entered when you register, by going to the "More" and "My profile" - once you're logged into the discussions. Be sure to save any changes you make before you leave that page.

Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are incorporated into each of the discussion areas - so to get to the chat rooms you must first log into the discussion area of your choice - and then click on the "CHAT" button on the upper menu bar of the discussion area window.

The most active Chat room is in the "MAIN Discussion Area" - and there are usually people there during the day, and night - though some people may just be logged on and not actively using the chat room.

To enter the different discussion areas - just go to the home page of Bipolar Focus- and click on the discussion area link that you think is most appropriate for you. They include:

Main Discussion Area - for anyone who has, or is interested in bipolar disorder- a common place to share information about medications, news, social issues, etc.

Family Discussion Areas - an area for husbands and wifes, sisters and brothers, or offspring of people who have bipolar disorder.

Childhood-Onset Bipolar Disorder - an area for parents of younger children (under the age of 13) who may have bipolar disorder.





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