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Bipolar Focus needs your help! - Please volunteer or make a tax-deductable contribution to this site.

The Bipolar Focus is an attempt at a new model of non-profit organization; a virtual organization. There are no regularly scheduled meetings, and little or no bureacracy. In fact few of us will have the opportunity to physically meet each other. Instead we communicate via email and discussion areas and in the Chat rooms we have on this web site - from work or home, and manage the web server remotely,(with a clear charter to improve a part of the web site in line with the goals of the organization). With this type of flexible, free-form organization we hope that people who might not normally do non-profit work will join-in and contribute time as they can - anyone with a sincere interest in helping those individuals and families working to live with Bipolar Disorder, and who believe in helping through proven techniques are welcome to join us.

If you can volunteer even a few hours a month doing such things as editing a newsletter, formating Web documents, or searching on the Internet for new information that would be of interest to those families and individuals involved with schizophrenia please send a message to

To begin volunteering information to the web site which we will then add to our pages, simply do the following:
Review our Volunteer Projects List, choose a project that interests you, and contact as at


To make it easier for you to help us, We've registered Bipolar Focus as 501 (c) non-profit project, under the Tides Center - a non-profit organization that helps other smaller non-profit organizations. Bcause we consciously limit the amount of advertising that we accept, important financial support must come from you, the people who use and benefit from our site. All donations go directly towards updating Bipolar Focus with the best and most current information, keeping our Discussion servers running, and sending out our free newsletter.

For your Tax-deductable contribution to Bipolar Focus please follow the following directions:

Please make checks payable in $ US to:

The Tides Center, Focus

Please send your checks to:

The Tides Center
Workteam1, ( Focus)
PO Box 29907
San Francisco, CA

Note: For Canadians, please use a Post Office Money Order in US dollars in the amount of the donation.
Donations of $100 or more will receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.
Please direct any questions to

Thank you for your support! It is much needed and appreciated.



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