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Famous Living People with Bipolar Disorders

Here is an short list of famous LIVING bipolars (manic depressives). This list is based on Joy Ikelmann's Bipolar Info page. Joy spent several years compiling her list as people who are bipolar released this information to the public.

Joy has taken her wonderful bipolar pages down, but you can still visit them at

The following individuals have stated publicly that they are bipolar:

  • Robert Boorstin, writer, special assistant to Pres. Clinton
  • Rosemary Clooney, singer
  • Dick Cavett, writer, media personality
  • Kitty Dukakis, former First Lady of Massachusetts
  • Patty Duke (Anna Pearce), actor, writer
  • Connie Francis, actor, musician
  • Peter Gabriel, musician
  • Shecky Greene, comedian
  • Kristin Hersh, musician (Throwing Muses)
  • Peter Nolan Lawrence, writer
  • Bill Lichtenstein, producer (TV & radio)
  • Kristy McNichols, actor
  • Kate Millett, writer
  • Spike Mulligan, comic actor and writer, Patron of the MFD
  • Murray Pezim
  • Charley Pride, musician
  • Axl Rose, musician
  • John Strugnell, Biblical scholar, Harvard
  • Ted Turner, entrepreneur, media giant (U.S.)
  • Jonathon Winters, comedian, actor, writer, artist

Modified June 23, 2005

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