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Non-US Links

As an American, I barely speak English. Please contact me if the link descriptions or categories are incorrect.
Try the following translators:

  • - an easy-to-use site for rapid translations where you can get the "gist" of foreign language text and web pages.
  • Babel Fish Translation - Translate blocks of text or entire web pages.
  • Langenberg.Com - Language Translation -- English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Czech & Italian
  • The Universal Translator Assistant Project - using the technology of today to bring the theories of yesterday to the languages of tomorrow. :-) Pendulum - vaD tera' ghotpu tlhej Dung je bIng yab

Modified November 19. 2005

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The information at this web site is for consumers, family members and mental health workers to make informed decisions about the care and treatment of bipolar disorder, AKA manic depression. These pages are not a substitute for consultation with your counselor, therapist, doctor, or psychiatrist.

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