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Mood Stabilizers

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This list is for information only. Only your doctor can recommend and prescribe medications.

Anticonvulsants (Mood Stabilizers)
GenericBrand NameManufacturer
divalproex sodium Depakote Abbott
sodium valproateLeptilan®Novartis
valproic acidDepakeneMFR
carbamazepine Tegretol® Novartis
lamotrigine Lamictal® GlaxoSmithKline
tiagabine Gabatril Abbott
gabapentin Neurontin® Pfizer
oxcarbazepine Trileptal® Novartis
primidone Mysoline® AstraZeneca
topiramate Topamax® Ortho-McNeil
Other meds
GenericBrand NameManufacturer
levothyroxine Synthroid® Abbott (Knoll)

Calcium channnel blockers
GenericUS Brand NamesManufacturer
verapamil Calan® Pharmacia
lithium carbonate EskalithGlaxoSmithKline
lithium carbonate LithonateSolvay
felodipine Plendil® AstraZeneca
nifedipineAdalat, ProcardiaMFR
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