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Fibromyalgia Addresses

  • Fibromyalgia Network POB 31750 Tucson AZ 8575-21750 602-290-5508
  • National Foundation for Fibromyalgia POB 3439 San Diego CA 91263-1429 800-251- 9528
  • Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
  • National Family Caregivers Assn 9223 Longbranch Parkway Silver Springs MD 20901

Migraine: constricted blood vessels inside the skull which suddenly expand. Strong correlation to food sensitives, and neurotransmitter imbalances. Serotonin regulates the constriction and dilation of blood vessels. Prodrome aura of visual disturbances that can include zigzag lines and flashes of light. the trigeminal nerve pathway involved runs close to our reticular formation in the eyes. The constant stimulation of both decreased blood flow and increased nerve involvement causes optical effects.

Esophageal reflux: back pressure opens a muscular valve, called the cardiac sphincter, between the bottom of our esophagus and top of stomach. Bending over or lying down often adds just enough pressure to gravity to cause reflux. Also, lax connective tissue can cause hiatal hernia problems.

Itches: there are many kinds of itches--sensory itch, and allergic itch are the most common. Merkel"s discs in the skin are pressure plate receptors in outer skin layer. Unfamiliar pressures are translated into itch, the skin "default" sense. Trigger Points can also result in itch. For example, the coracobrachialis referred pattern on the forearms often becomes itch, rather than pain. The masseter TrP can cause a maddening itch inside the ear. Cold numbs the receptors. Dryness creates an enhanced pressure reception. Check for possible causative TrPs.

Modified January 9, 2003

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