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Where did I leave it?

It's kind of like my glasses;
One minute they're there,
the next they're gone.
I know I didn't take them off,
or at least I don't remember.
So I search, and grope around,
and wonder,
and wander around,
and mutter to myself,
confused by it all.
Until some kind soul
(or are they so kind?)
points to them on my head.

Or my keys. I always put them
in the front pocket of my purse.
But somehow they travel
alone to exotic places, like the
counter in the kitchen, the
table in the entry hall, or
the nightstand by my bed.
So I search, and look around,
and wonder,
as I wander around,
and mutter to myself,
confused by it all,
until I spy them in
their newest hiding place.

My mind's like that sometimes.
I can be busily using it
one minute, and the next,
it's gone, leaving me
trying to remember,
what I was doing,
or where I was going,
So I search, try to think,
wonder what's happening to me.
And I wander around,
muttering to myself,
confused by it all, until I feel
glasses upon my head, see
keys on the end table, and know
my mind is not completely lost.
Peg Hubbard
Copyright, 1995

Modified January 9, 2003

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