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Support via Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC is a sub-space of the Internet. IRC Networks such as Dalnet and the Undernet provide a means for real-time chat. Each network consists of a number computers, called servers, that are linked together to propagate chat around the globe. Chat is split up into channels, which are similar to AOL chatrooms. A channel doesn't exist until you join it, then if you hang around for a while someone with the same interests may join and chat. This is a great way to meet bipolars from around the world.

There are IRC clients - the program you run on your computer - for almost any operating system. This is a sampling of the available programs:

  • mIRC for Windows
  • .
  • IRC-II for UNIX, LINUX, and other UNIX-like OSs
  • pIRCh for MAC

My intent is not to explain how to use IRC or any client. The clients you may download often have pulldown menus to help you see a list of channels and join one that interests you. IRC-II requires that you are comfortable with command-line interfaces, but it is far more powerful than the Windows clients.

Modified December 7, 2002

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