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Modified December 11, 2008

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Essays & Rants About Manic-Depression

Let's face it: bipolar depression makes genuine grief seem like Hello Kitty's birthday party.

With meds and effective coping techniques, many of us are able to live successful lives, but there is always the memory of pre-diagnosis episodes. Even a well-controlled bipolar can have episodes due to stress, PMS, SAD, or (apparently) a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil.

The insightful essays listed below will give you a look into what it's like to be bipolar or to have a bipolar husband or wife or "significan other".

"Bipolar Disorder and the Syphrid Fly"
Letter from my grandmother
Kay Jamison Quote
Stigma Stomper
Label Maker
The Agony & the Ecstacy
Voyage to the Bottom of the Pit
A Troubled Life
Manic Babble:  "I was just wondering..."
It's Taken Twenty Years to Learn To Cope As Manic-Depressive


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