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Manic Babble:    "I was just wondering..."

Manic phases are often accompanied by wandering word play, rhythmical rhyming, allegorical alliteration and sometimes banal babbling. The unknown author of this piece gives a good example of manic meandering, sometimes known as "clanging".

I was just wondering.....well, actually I'm always wondering...and wandering, wandering while I'm wondering, pondering why I'm wandering wanting a wedding ring and a rooty toot ring ding sugar sling thing, wandering, meandering, zig zagging, diverging, forking, detouring through my wondering mind thing, preceding my teetering tottering loitering by the clamoring, clattering, ear shattering phone booth, talking, gossiping, prattling and tattling on a discoursing debating palavering sauntering blundering of a mattering literary scattering, foddering my inane wondering of wandering, reflecting, deliberating, cogitating, studying, cerebrating the dating of mental entertaining, and now I'm explaining the raving driveling of a brain that's sniveling maddening, jetting, squirting, spouting, splashing, rushing, gushing, sluicing, juicing, rambling delirium..........ummmmmmmmm forget it.

Modified June 26, 2006

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