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Xmas in 2 North

Twas the night before Xmas; it had been a long day,
Two North was quiet, yes, even CA!*
Most patients were warmly tucked in their beds
It was after 10, so they’d all had their meds.
At the desk sat Debbie, busy on the phone,
There were folks in the sunroom where a movie was shown.
In the dining room artwork adorned all the walls,
And earlier that day, they’d sung ‘Deck the Halls’.
Socks were hung in the laundry room with care,
In hopes that a new dryer soon would be there.
In the kitchen lay remains of cookies and cake,
It’s amazing how much of a mess people make!
A patient was crying, in need of TLC,
Another one sat, fast asleep at TV.
The census was high, folks of all ages,
All recovering, in different stages.
Suddenly, footsteps were heard to sound,
The nurses got up and began looking around.
No patient was missing, CA was secure,
What’s going on? They couldn’t be sure.
They thought, could it be, just like in the poem?
Where St. Nick visits somebody’s home?
One nurse exclaimed, “We could sure use a hero!”
And who should appear but Dr. Shapiro!
Not Santa at all, just a very nice man,
Who does for his patients whatever he can.
As do all of the staff, from doctors to aides,
And they get all too few of their deserved accolades.
I give this to them, my holiday verse,
I’m a former patient, who once felt alot worse.
To all who’re admitted, try to have hope and good cheer,
Whatever solace you need, you will find it here.
However you celebrate, whatever your rite,
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

Copyright 1996 Rapid Psychler Press.
Donna 12/95

*CA is the isolation area or quiet room

Modified December 17, 2002

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