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Certainly A Dog's Best Friend!

Have you ever wondered why
Someone like I
Would know how to be friends
With you for more than a day?
Well just ask your dog
For we holds quite a log
All written down inside.

The story as it goes
Started as I began to doze
When all of a sudden I knew!
Yes, the idea lept through the air
As it threw me out of my chair!
And it all came from the friend
You know best.

A teddybear with a heart
Who barks kind of smart.
And looks at you with oh so much pride
Knowing deep down inside
That you'll take him out for a ride
When you come home.

Oh, what does he care about
When you are out?
It is so easily seen through his eyes.
His eyebrows do speak a dance of great shifting feats
That only a canine would know.

But if you think real hard
You can see the answer even through lard
For he thinks about times past as
He frolicked with you.

And when your away
He gets ready to play
Thinking of new things to do.
Oh what fun he will have!
And his tail he shall wag
As he'll look up to you from the floor.

But never forget when you're feeling you'd bet
That you need his vet more than him
That you are his hero - as it was and is to be
And the only one he'll ever know!

Now why do I ask
That a dog would take on such a task
To describe the true meaning of friendship?
Well, as I lie on the floor
Just staring at the door
I finally see that
This advise comes to me from an expert!

Bob Hannum - Bhannum@ns.technonet.com

Modified December 11, 2002

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