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Drugs and Labels

I get up in the morning
A couple of pills are due.
Hmmm, let me see now...
2 yellow, 1 pink, 1 blue.

I keep them In a little box,
That doles them out each day.
It further subdivides the meds,
I take them right, that way.

One pill is an anti-depressant,
It's supposed to keep me from sinking
Down into a depressed hole
Doesn’t always work, I'm thinking!

Another pill is a hormone
For a sluggish thyroid gland.
And then there's the one I'm at war with,
It makes me feel too "bland".

It's called a "mood stabilizer"
It sounds like a mechanical device.
To be fair, it sometimes helps my mood,
But the side effects aren't nice.

I take a bunch of pills at nite,
That are supposed to make me drowsy.
But some nites, they just do not work,
And in the morning I feel lousy.

So why do I take these pills, you ask?
Well, now, that is quite a tale.
I've been told I'm this and that,
Diagnoses must have been on sale!

I've been struggling with an illness,
At least that's what I'm told.
It seems that no one can agree,
And I'm just getting old.

It's only supposed to matter
How I really feel, they've said.
But somehow without a label
I'm lost inside my head.

I guess I'll keep on trudging
And dutifully swallowing the pills.
Until somehow they find a "cure"
For whatever are my ills!

Donna 1/96

Modified December 11, 2002

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