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About 1% of the population experiences bipolar disorder.

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    Are you navigating the journey of caring for an elderly family member? It’s a path filled with love and responsibility but can also come with challenges and tough decisions. One of the most important decisions you may face is recognizing when it’s the right time to hire elderly home care services. As you strive to … Read more
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  • The Importance Of Routine In Bipolar Management
    Bipolar disorder, marked by extreme mood swings, can be challenging to manage. Daily routines play a vital role in stabilizing moods and symptom management.  This article explores the significance of routines in bipolar management and the support offered by healthcare plans like Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). Understanding Bipolar Disorder Before we dive into the importance … Read more
  • Managing Executive Dysfunction: A Guide For Neurodivergent Folk
    Managing time can be an immensely difficult task for people who are neurodivergent. When there are many tasks to be done, it can be very easy to swiftly become overwhelmed and frozen in the face of it all. However, all hope is not lost – there are many great ways to wrangle control over your … Read more
  • Trustworthy Egg Banks & How To Find Them
    The rapid and transformative advancements within reproductive technology have ushered in a new era in assisted reproductive treatments, offering options for individuals and couples to realize their parenthood aspirations. Among these pioneering advancements, egg donation has emerged as a pivotal alternative for individuals confronted with infertility. As the demand for donor eggs continues to rise, … Read more

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One of the oldest bipolar resources sites on the internet, was first registered in November 1996, and has been helping people learn to live with this disorder ever since.

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We’ve been living with and helping loved ones live with Bipolar Disorder all our lives, and wanted to make a resource to share our knowledge with others.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you liked what we’ve built.

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