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About 1% of the population experiences bipolar disorder.

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  • Which Is Worse: Bipolar Or BPD?
    Are you concerned about your diagnosis and wondering which is worse: bipolar or BPD? Well, that can be a challenging question. But let’s compare the two mental health conditions and their symptoms to understand them better. Mental disorders can significantly affect a person’s life and those around them. So, which is worse: bipolar or BPD? …

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  • Can You Trust A Bipolar Person?
    Can you trust a bipolar person? This is an apparent question when you are in a relationship with someone who is bipolar. These relationships are pretty hard to maintain, and this question might lead to more problems. So, let’s figure out the answer together.  A person with bipolar disorder can have unstable points in a …

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  • What To Do When Your Bipolar Partner Ignores You
    Wondering what to do when your bipolar partner ignores you? Bipolar relationships are a little different than regular relationships. If you shout at them or argue with a bipolar partner, your relationship can be complicated. So how should you handle them? When your partner with bipolar disorder ignores you, it can be very hurtful and …

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  • Can Dogs Be Bipolar?
    Can dogs be bipolar? This is a general question among pet owners whose dogs act withdrawn or bark furiously for no reason. Now that so much research has been done on mental illnesses, let’s find out if pets can suffer from it too. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder with extreme fluctuations in a person’s …

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  • Can A Bipolar Person Kill?
    Can a bipolar person kill? This question could be on your mind, especially if you live with someone with a mood disorder. Many stigmas are attached to mental disorders and violence, but let’s look at a few facts. Bipolar disorder is a kind of mood disorder that is associated with varying episodes of mood swings. …

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