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Ayahuasca: Potential Benefits, Side-effects, Usage, and More

What is Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca is an entheogenic tea brewed from the Psychotria viridis leaf (Diplopterys cabrerana may be used as a substitute), the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, and sometimes other ingredients. Those plant ingredients might include one of the Brugmansia or Datura species (especially Brugmansia versicolor or Brugmansia insignis), Justicia pectoralis, and Nicotiana rustica, known as …

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Psilocybin Therapy Demonstrates Efficacy in Treating Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

A recent clinical study explored the use of psilocybin therapy as an adjunct to psychotherapy in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Most study participants demonstrated a clinically significant response to psilocybin therapy, with over 50% of patients exhibiting remission from major depressive disorder (MDD). More than 264 million individuals of all ages are affected with MDD …

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Psilocybin Therapy

What is psilocybin therapy? Psilocybin therapy is an investigative, blended pharmacological and psychological approach to treating mental health challenges that deploys the psychoactive effects of psilocybin under psychologically supportive conditions. Certain species of mushrooms, frequently called “magic mushrooms,” contain the active ingredient psilocybin. Psilocybin produces psychedelic effects in humans that ingest it, such as sensory …

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Psychedelic Societies

Although the 1960s are typically thought of as the era of the psychedelic revolution, psychedelics are at least as popular today as they were then. However, this psychedelic resurgence we are currently experiencing is distinctly different from the previous century’s countercultural movement. There are well over 100 psychedelic societies, meetups, and groups around the world. …

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What Are Psychedelics?

Rick Strassman, an American clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, had this to say when asked ‘what are psychedelics:’ “Psychedelics show you what’s in and on your mind, those subconscious thoughts and feelings that are hidden, covered up, forgotten, out of sight, maybe even completely unexpected, but …

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Emerging Research: How Psychedelics May Help People With Bipolar Disorder

Mystical visions and hallucinogenic experiences might be what comes to mind when you hear about popular psychedelics such as magic mushrooms containing psilocybin, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), and the spiritual medicine ayahuasca and its active ingredient, DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine). While these substances can all cause intense trips, or psychological experiences, there is also surging interest in …

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Support Groups

Bipolar Disorder and other serious brain diseases are an extreme challenge not only for the person afflicted, but for the entire family. It helps a great deal to be able to talk with other people who have, or are, going though the same things that you are – to share tips and local resources in …

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Step-by-Step Coping: Find a good doctor Become an expert Manage your illness mood charting – what it is and why it’s helpful managing medications a healthy lifestyle helps recovery Plan for a crisis Find a community United States Support Organizations Online Support Groups and Newsgroups International Support Organizations Practical matters – work, school, and federal …

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Bipolar Treatments

Important Warning: The following web page is provided for information purposes only. It covers possible complementary treatment approaches that can be used with bipolar disorder medications. The adoption of any of these complementary treatments should be done with a psychiatrist’s knowledge and approval as part of a person’s complete treatment plan. In fact since many …

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