Can A Bipolar Person Kill?

Can a bipolar person kill? This question could be on your mind, especially if you live with someone with a mood disorder.

Many stigmas are attached to mental disorders and violence, but let’s look at a few facts.

Bipolar disorder is a kind of mood disorder that is associated with varying episodes of mood swings.

These may range from manic highs to depressive lows. But can a bipolar person kill someone?

There is a linkage between bipolar disorder and aggression. But most of the people who are suffering from this mental health issue are not dangerous. 

About 75% of the U.S. population thinks people with mental disorders are violent. Let’s use science and facts to find out how true that is.

And we’ll answer that burning question, “Can a bipolar person kill?” once and for all.

Are Bipolar People Violent?

Bipolar people are at a significantly increased risk for violence. However, this doesn’t mean that all people suffering from this disorder are violent.

Studies conducted suggest that other factors contribute to this violence. These may include substance abuse, a learning disability, or a recent suicide attempt.

Can A Bipolar Person Kill?

A person with bipolar disorder can commit a violent or deadly act. However, most people with bipolar disorder don’t behave violently.

Factors such as a violent past, substance abuse, and access to weapons can increase the risk of violent behavior.

Dealing With Aggressive Bipolar Episodes

Dealing with aggressive bipolar episodes can be challenging, especially when a loved one suffers.

In such situations, you must try to remain calm and avoid confrontation. You should also remove any potential weapons or objects they can use to harm others.

If you try to be understanding and give them emotional support, they can better deal with their aggressive phase.


There is a lot of stigma around people suffering from bipolar disorders and violence. While such people are at increased risk for violence, not everyone is dangerous. 

People with untreated or poorly treated bipolar disorder are at higher risk for acting impulsively or recklessly, leading to dangerous situations. 

We hope this brief guide helped you gain some insight into the question, “Can a bipolar person kill?”.

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