Cancer Treatment In Germany: HIPEC

HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy) is a method of treating cancer that has spread to the peritoneum.

“Hyperthermic” refers to the high temperature at which chemotherapy is heated to maximize its ability to kill cancer cells.

It involves pumping heated liquid chemotherapy drugs directly into the abdominal cavity.

The therapeutic effect is realized due to the anti-tumor properties of the drugs as well as the thermal effect of the solution on the cancer cells.

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When HIPEC Is Used

HIPEC is used for malignant neoplasms that have spread to the peritoneum.

The method was initially used for ovarian, rectal, colorectal, appendix, and primary peritoneal neoplasms.

In recent years, it has also been used for gastric cancer and small bowel and duodenal tumors.

Treatment of malignancies that have spread to the peritoneum is a real challenge.

There may be numerous tumor foci, and systemic chemotherapy is not always effective in suppressing their growth because of the peritoneal plasma barrier.

This limits the penetration of drugs from the blood into the peritoneum.

Usually, cytoreductive surgery (CRS) is performed to treat cancer that has spread to the abdomen.

The surgical procedure involves putting the patient to sleep and making a tiny abdominal cut. The surgeon excises most of the malignant tissue as they can. 

Chemotherapy medications are administered directly into the peritoneal cavity after being heated to the proper temperature.

Chemotherapy is transferred to the peritoneal cavity for a predetermined period (typically 90 minutes).

The incision is then closed, and the chemotherapy is removed from the peritoneal cavity. 

The aim is to remove as much of the malignant tissues as possible.

If possible, the doctor aims to remove all foci of cancer spread. After surgery, HIPEC treatment allows the remaining atypical cells to be destroyed to keep the disease under control for longer.

What Are The Results?

Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC increase a person’s life expectancy by several years.

Some patients can live 5-10 years or more after this treatment. In advanced cancer, this is significant.

The results depend primarily on the type of cancer, its stage, the response to chemotherapeutic agents and the peritoneal carcinomatosis index (PCI).

It is calculated in points, can have a maximum score of 39, and reflects the number and size of tumor foci in 13 defined areas of the abdominal cavity. The best HIPEC results are achieved when:

  • Colon or appendix cancer (less aggressive tumors)
  • PCI is 10-13 points or less
  • CC0 or CC1 cytoreduction

The treatment results also depend largely on the method of performing HIPEC.

The procedure is carried out differently in different clinics. The duration of the procedure generally varies from 6 to 16 hours, depending upon the quantity of cancerous cells present in the abdomen.

After discharge, most patients stay in the hospital for two to three weeks to recover; however, if issues arise, this time may be extended. 

It is best to choose a medical center whose doctors have extensive experience treating cancer with HIPEC and demonstrate good performance indicators.

Who Is A Potential HIPEC Candidate?

Not every peritoneal cancer patient is eligible for HIPEC treatment.

This process works well for mesothelioma and peritoneal cancer that originates in the large intestine and appendix.

It is necessary to consider the patient’s age, overall health, the severity of the illness, and the existence of metastases in the lungs or liver.

Deciding to have a HIPEC procedure done requires careful consideration and consultation with a qualified medical professional.

A thorough examination of all relevant medical data is necessary for this, and in certain situations, further imaging or a laparoscopic examination of the abdomen may be necessary.

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