Common Injuries In Golf and Tips To Avoid Them 

If you are looking for outdoor adventure or recreational sports, golfing is an excellent choice for people of all ages. It is fun to go to the golf course during the hot season.

Apart from helping with physical and mental well-being, it offers an opportunity to network with others. You can create long-lasting relationships and business partnerships with people you meet while golfing.

However, there are certain risks to playing golf, and knowing the common types of injuries golfers get will help protect you from them. Read on to learn more about golf injuries and tips for avoiding them. 

Common Golf Injuries 

Whether you are a novice or an experienced golfer, you are at risk of injuring yourself.

Here are injuries you need to be aware of when golfing; 

Foot Injuries 

Golfing involves swinging your body while keeping your feet rooted to the ground, which can create pressure on the part.

The movements can cause golf foot injuries as you repeat the motion with every swing. Many golfers complain of pain around their heel or the forefoot.

In addition, the motion can cause inflammation in the foot region, making mobility challenging while on the golf course. In worst cases, golfers can tear tendons around the area, which can take time to heal fully. 

Your golfing technique and training routine contribute to these types of injuries.

You should distribute your body weight across both feet to avoid injuring yourself. Learning body posture when swinging is necessary when starting with golfing. 

Back Pain 

The swing power in golfing comes from the core, which can expose golfers to back injuries. You’ll need to work on your posture to get the best hit to get the best swing.

Also, your shoulder movement matters when golfing. You risk injuring yourself if you don’t exercise your back and build muscles. 

You need to keep your back flat when swinging to avoid exerting pressure on the back.

Power does not rely on upper body movement. On the contrary, it is a risky move that could lead to back pain. 

Shoulder Pain 

Golf, involving using hands for swings, exposes the shoulder region to injuries. The tendons, tissues, and muscles are at risk.

One common problem golfers get is tearing the rotator cuff from continuous golfing.

Also, it will likely happen to people who use the wrong technique or don’t properly grip the golf club. Learning the proper technique is essential in averting the risk of shoulder injuries, which can take a long to recover from.

Professionals who suffer from the injury can miss an entire season while seeking recovery from the issue. 


Another common golf injury occurs on the elbow due to making the same movement with the hands when swinging. Muscles around the elbow overstretch and get damaged.

Failure of golfers to stretch and warm up before games or training is a reason for having elbow injuries. Also, using the wrong equipment is a risk factor for golfing injuries. 

Tips For Preventing Golf Injuries 

All golfers need to learn the best practices in the sport to avoid injuries. Here are tips to help you prevent injuries while golfing; 

Warming Up

You can start by walking around the golf course and stretching before playing or practicing. Also, do several swings as you build the intensity to prevent injuries. 

Build Strength And Flexibility

Exercise your muscles to build endurance and prevent injuries at the golf course. By doing so, you’ll improve your golfing skills and will not strain your muscles when swinging. 

Master Golfing Techniques

Your practice should focus on improving your golfing technique. It includes learning the correct way to swing your club and get a perfect hit on the ball.

Doing it will enhance your golfing skills and avoid injuries while playing. Ensure you always hit the ball to prevent harming your arms if your swings hit the ground or turf.

Also, golf carts are essential for carrying heavy golf equipment, which can lead to injuries if you move them around. 

Have Progressive Training

Whenever practicing, you should start with light activities as you gradually enhance the intensity.

Begin with hitting the ball for a short distance and increase your swinging progressively to longer distances. 

Wear Appropriate Apparel

Investing in the right golfing gear will prevent many injuries. You need to wear fitting clothes and protect yourself from harsh weather conditions.

In Conclusion

Whenever you have one of the golfing injuries, it is best to get treatment promptly to prevent the problem from escalating and ensure you are back on the golf course as soon as possible.

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