How To Deal With Someone Who Is Bipolar And Angry

Do you live with a bipolar person and wonder how to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry?

This disorder refers to a mental health condition in which an individual experiences extreme mood swings.

They tend to get angry quickly during their episodes. So how should you deal with it?

Dealing with a bipolar person can be tricky. So, knowing how to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry can be an advantage.

You need to approach them calmly. You can better deal with the person if you are understanding.

In addition, you should avoid confrontation with the person, as this can worsen the situation at hand.

Let us get into a little more detail and learn how you can deal with someone who is bipolar and angry.

Anger And Bipolar Disorder: Is There A Link?

Anger and irritability are typical symptoms of bipolar disorder, especially during manic and mixed episodes.

Bipolar people usually experience severe mood swings, which include anger or irritability.

During manic episodes, bipolar people may experience increased energy and impulsivity.

It can lead to outbursts of anger or aggressive behavior. During depressive episodes, bipolar people experience hopelessness and despair, which leads to feelings of irritability and aggression.

How To Recognize Bipolar Disorder Triggers?

The triggers related bipolar disorder are experienced differently from one sufferer to the next.

They depend on a variety of environmental, psychological, and physical factors. Recognizing triggers can help bipolar people control their symptoms and reduce the likelihood of manic or depressive episodes.

Here are a few triggers you should look for:


Stressful events such as relationship problems or financial difficulties can trigger episodes of mania or depression.

Sleep Disruption

Changing sleep habits, such as insomnia or oversleeping, can bring about depressive or manic episodes.

Medication Changes

Changes in medication, such as starting or stopping a drug, can trigger episodes of mania or depression.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes that occur during menstruation can also trigger mania or depression.

Keeping a mood diary to record your moods, activities, and other relevant information is essential. This can help you identify patterns or triggers for manic or depressive episodes.

How To Deal with Someone Who Is Bipolar And Angry?

Dealing a bipolar individual who is enraged can be tricky. But there are ways in which you can deal with the situation calmly and supportively. Here are some tips that can help: 

Be Patient And Understanding

People with bipolar disorder often have trouble regulating emotions and get angry more easily. It is essential to be patient and understand this aspect of their condition.

Use “I” Statements

When communicating with the person, use “I” statements to describe your feelings and concerns rather than blaming them.

Listen Actively

Listen to the person and try to understand their perspective. This can help them feel heard and validated, which may be helpful in getting them to settle down.

Encourage Them To Seek Treatment

If the person is not receiving treatment for their bipolar disorder, encourage them to seek help.

Proper therapy can help supervise symptoms and lessen the likelihood of anger outbursts.

You should address the problem directly and work together to find solutions. If the outbursts become a persistent problem, the best approach is to obtain the help of a professional.

When To Seek Medical Treatment

If a bipolar person is suffering from symptoms of disorder and anger, they must seek medical attention. You should motivate them to seek treatment if:

  • They experience severe mood swings, including episodes of mania or depression, that interfere with their daily life.
  • They suffer from anger or irritability that leads to problems.
  • They have suicidal thoughts or engage in self-injurious behavior.
  • They have difficulty managing their anger, even with self-help strategies.

Obtaining assistance from an accredited mental health practitioner is crucial. They can set up a treatment plan which includes medicine and therapy.


Irritability and anger are the primary symptoms of bipolar disorder. Dealing with a bipolar person who is angry could be challenging.

It would help to always approach them calmly and compassionately. We hope our guide gave you insight into how to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry. 

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