Why Bipolar Relationships Fail

Are you in a problematic relationship with a bipolar person and wondering why bipolar relationships fail?

Keeping a relationship going takes a lot of effort, love, and time. When you do it with a bipolar person, you must double your efforts and love for them.

But even then, these relationships may not work the way you expected.

Bipolar disorder is a kind of mood disorder that can strain relationships. That is why bipolar relationships fail more often than others.

The main reason is a lack of understanding and difficulty communicating. This can strain any relationship, especially one with a bipolar person.

Usually, it can become challenging for the partner to deal with the ups & downs of bipolar disorder.

Let us take a closer look at the reasons bipolar relationships fail.

Reasons Why Bipolar Relationships Fail

Bipolar disorder can put a strain on a relationship for a variety of reasons. Some reasons why bipolar relationships can fail are as follows:

Lack Of Understanding

Without sufficient knowledge about the condition, it can be difficult for partners to deal with the ups & downs of bipolar disorder. This can lead to frustration, anger, and resentment.

Communication Difficulties

With bipolar disorder, it can be difficult for people to express their feelings. This can lead to problems with communication.

Mood Swings

The extreme mood swings that come with the disorder can be overwhelming for partners. These mood swings can lead to feelings of insecurity, instability, and uncertainty in the relationship.

Difficulty Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Mania can lead to impulsivity and poor judgment, disregarding appropriate boundaries. This can lead to strain in the relationship.

Risk Of Codependency

The partner of a bipolar person may feel the need to take on more responsibility. They may exert more control in the relationship, leading to codependency and an unhealthy dynamic.

Impact On Daily Life

Symptoms of bipolar disorder can interfere with everyday life and make it difficult to maintain relationships. It can also be challenging to hold a job, weakening the relationship.

People with bipolar disorder can have successful relationships, but it takes a lot of work and understanding.

When To Speak To A Professional

Talking to a professional when partners have difficulties in their relationship is essential.

They can help them understand the dynamics of the relationship and how the disruption may affect it.

People who have difficulty dealing with their symptoms and whose relationship suffers should seek professional help.

They should also seek help if it is tough to maintain healthy boundaries during manic episodes.

A professional can also help them if they have difficulty discussing their condition.

A mental health professional can help partners identify unproductive patterns in the relationship.

They can also help them develop skills to improve communication and strengthen the relationship.


Numerous reasons and factors can strain a bipolar relationship. These include a lack of understanding, communication, and fear of codependency.

To understand why bipolar relationships fail, you must address the disorder itself before looking for signs and reasons elsewhere.

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